Sunday, 31 August 2014

Jewelled Web - September 2014 - Link Love

jewelled web september 2014 link love by silvermoss

August has been a month of highs and lows, many of them weather related. I was fortunate enough to enjoy some wonderful summer sunshine, and then I also experienced the tail-end of Hurricane Bertha...which was certainly an experience...!

I have a pile of silver close at hand (a very small pile, admittedly!) and am hoping September will also involve some solder, a pickle pot and near-endless tumble polishing. And no hurricanes of any kind.

Here's some discoveries from the net to peruse as the leaves start, just a little bit, to think of changing their colour... yes, I've already noticed this happening...)

~jewellery links~

This must be one of my favouite ever Pinterest pages - I see jewelry  - a wonderful board of those little things you spy that spark some jewellery inspiration.

A collection of DIY jewellery tutorials - I know these might be a little simple for some jewellery makers but I love to look at these...either you gain some knowledge you didn't have before, or you at the very least gain some inspiration.

Despite not having done a craft fair for a good long while now I still love ideas for creative displays like these here and here. Both links from a neat American site about crafting businesses.

A couple of free tutorials on working with polymer clay. I've not experimented with clay for ages but I'm very tempted by translucent clay when I see designs like this, this and this.

Two of my favourite jewellery bloggers have both been featured in Making Jewellery magazine this month - well done to both Cinnamon Jewellery and KS Jewellery!

Have a magpie's collection of pretty stones and sea glass, and not sure how to turn them into jewellery? Take a look at these hints about drilling holes in them, here and here.

~non-jewellery links~

Such stunning photographs and a beautiful, honest explanation behind them... my favourite might be this one...or perhaps this one...

More beautiful photographs, full of imagination and wit.

Free tutorials covering everything from Photoshop to painting to sewing.

I sign up to far too many interesting and free web apps designed to make your life easier, which I then forget to use, but, still, I'm intrigued by Trello. I've not signed up just yet though...

I love how generous the net is, and full of tiny pieces of useful information that people are so willing to share - like when to use an 'a' and when to use an 'an'.

Someone forwarded me this quiz - ten simple questions reveal whether you're in the right career or not... erm...

For a more ordered life, organise like a chef. Seriously. 

Enjoy the links and have yourself a good September :)

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Jewelled Web - August 2014 - Link Love

jewelled web august 2014 - silvermoss
It's the middle of summer, weather permitting as always, and it feels like the perfect time for all things flowers, hence my favourite photo of my favourite flower (this week anyway!), a simple poppy.

The light shining through its delicate petals kind of sums up how fragile and fleeting summer can be, how we should enjoy it while we can... If you know anything about poppy flowers, you'll know how brief their life is, their paper-thin petals falling to the ground within days of blooming... but they're beautiful all the same.

Hope you enjoy the links I've collected from my travels on the web lately.

~jewellery links~

Easily made mistakes that are made when photographing your own jewellery. And how to avoid them.

This applies to any small business type set up, but also to selling jewellery - (deep breath) how to create a simple and streamlined order processing system. This is a long one so worth bookmarking and giving it time and thought.

How to get somewhere fast with your jewellery.

From horticultural supplies to faux gold jewellery - a how-to necklace in leaves.

More faux gold, more leaves, but this time with an owl as well. Seriously.

If you're doing any shows this summer then this list of different ways to display your wares may come in handy.

46 simple DIY jewellery makes. Enough to keep anyone busy through the holidays. Also nicely inspiring even if you're a dab hand. This is one of my favouites as the matt muted colours are just gorgeous...

A Folksy blog guide to customer service - not just for jewellers...

~non-jewellery links~

Paper-cutting as you've never seen it before.

Very scary images from the 70s as photographer Arthur Tress brings children's nightmares to life - I'm so glad he didn't do mine...

Speaking of photos, share your own images this August on Susannah's Summer Break

Have a coffee break to fill and fancy some ultimately pointless online quizzes? Check these out:

Can playbuzz website guess your age? Well, they failed to guess mine, but since they shaved well over a decade from my real number, I'm not complaining ;)

Which generation do you belong to? They got me right on this one...

If you were a classic children's book describes your life? I know, slightly unlikely question, but it turns out I'm Pat the Bunny. No, I've not heard of it either...

And another time-waster/article of irrelevance - famous people who look like historical famous people, or just historical unknown people...

Get your brain back into gear and discover why we like to name things we own or use.

Do enjoy and savour the rest of your summer...

Monday, 30 June 2014

Jewelled Web - July 2014 - Link Love

the jewelled net - by the sea - july 2014 - silvermoss
June has gone by so, so fast this year. I seem to have been running to catch up with myself, and not quite making it, nearly every day.

And here I am, at the end of the month, with a cold. In summer. That just seems wrong.

I hope you like my links for July though - don't worry, you won't catch my cold just by clicking ;)

~jewellery links~

Wire bead tutorial, courtesy of Blue Forest Jewellery. Lots more tutorials dotted around this blog too...

Making domed shapes in resin, a simple tutorial I'm filing for future reference.

Cozy Sister is a great web site full of information and tutorials about wire jewellery.

Great post by Nan Fan about choosing the props she uses when styling her jewellery photographs.

Some help on how to make faceted polymer clay beads - with some links to more help.

I didn't know it was possible but it seems you can make your own metal clay. Here's a tutorial on making bronze and silver clay, and here's one for copper. I haven't tried this, and may well not do so (toxic chemicals and all) but the fact it's possible is fascinating.

~non-jewellery links~

Silversmithing is dirty, messy, and carries with it the perpetual risk of setting the table on fire but despite that I hanker for any single one of these tidy, bright and non-burning creative work spaces.

Such sweet illustrations - could anyone not love these?

Amazon reviews with just a hint of humour to them...

I like this formula for looking after yourself, something we should all do more of, I suspect...

Which browser do you use and just how out of date is it?

I don't think I use the net as efficiently as I could or should. I often feel like I'm 'wasting' time, even when I'm trying not to, if only because download speeds are painfully slow more and more frequently. So here's a little list of web tools I either use, have signed up to, or (most likely) think would be great to use if I ever got round to figuring out how they work - 

Dragdis - A neat tool for simple bookmarking - I overuse both Firefox and Chrome's handy drag-the-address-to-the-toolbar ability way too much and would like something with the same speed and ease of use, but Dragdis hopefully means that I can impose a little more order on my new bookmarks. The old ones are just a jumbled mess unfortunately...

Flipboard - Create your own 'magazine' from everything that interests you on the net. In theory, should save you having to hunt around for that same 'everything'. And it makes it pretty.

Feedly - seems bit similar to above, but perhaps more of a feed reader. This needs a bit more exploring.

Simplenote - A little like Evernote but perhaps more simple...? And it's free.

Instapaper - I've heard good things about this as a way of saving things from the net to read later. I'm guessing it's not that free though as it says you can 'try' if for free... hmm

Do let me know if you use any of these and they're worth taking the time to learn and use, or if you find anything else makes the web a little easier to navigate and explore.

Hope your June has been long and leisurely and that you have a good July...

Friday, 20 June 2014

Midsummer - endings and beginnings, and the unfinished bit in the middle

I do love midsummer - just the word is so wonderful - but it also makes me feel a little sad. It's like the year is turning and, to be blunt, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and winter is on its way.

Of course, this isn't quite true. The next two months often contain the most sublime and beautiful weather of all; the slow encroach of darkness is just that - slow; and the nights don't start drawing in at all yet, as sunset times keep getting later for a little longer after the equinox. So we still have most of summer to come and, hopefully, a gentle slide into the colours of autumn.

midsummer skies - silvermoss blog

But, all the same, it feels like a change, and to mark the end of something and the start of something else, I'm going to make a concerted effort to finish things myself, to allow myself to start new things.

I surveyed my silver supplies the other day, or rather the silver that is in any form other than the original packets I bought it in. I looked through all the things I've started making, experimenting with, but that I haven't quite finished. It was a significant amount, not in terms of weight of silver, but more in terms of ideas and imaginings and industry that hasn't yet been fulfilled.

So my plan is to finish some old things, things that deserve to be finished, and that way I can start something new.

And also, it will keep my mind off the fact that winter is coming...

(Rather than share a photo of my unfinished jewellery, I chose instead to show an image my other half took the other day, just as the sun moved behind the houses.)

Monday, 16 June 2014

Less than a word - singular letter jewellery

Since a special birthday often calls for a special gift, I pondered just what to make a close relative a little earlier this year. I'd already made her a necklace and earrings, and probably a bracelet too, once upon a time. I'd also made her a ring, which meant options were increasingly a little short in terms of originality. So I did some browsing, seeing if inspiration would hit me, and eventually it did.

Pinterest is always a wonderful source of ideas when your own mind just needs a jump-start for prompting and letter jewellery (does it have a better name than this?) is pretty popular right now when it comes to personalised jewellery gifts.

Some perusing later, a few sketches, a prototype in copper wire and a few more sketches, I came up with this...

Letter ring by Silvermoss

Letter ring by Silvermoss

Made with two separate pieces of silver wire (just to complicate things), a little bit of soldering and a lot of polishing. So far it's needed adjusting twice but that can only mean the recipient really wants to wear it...! Do let me know if you've made any letter jewellery lately, and have photos to share, or if you have come up with a better description of, ahem, letter jewellery... seriously, it must have a better name that that...