Monday, 31 March 2014

Jewelled Web - March 2014 - Link Love

 March Jewelled Web 2014 Link love

March has been a busy month in the 'real' world, but less busy for me virtually, hence my shocking lack of posts. I am pleased to report my jewellery-making muscles have been exercised though, and with the normal result of satisfaction and frustration... I was also fortunate enough to wander through a daffodil field, when the sun was shining - and warm! Photographic proof of the former, at least, above. And I've still made time for a nosy around the net ...

~Jewellery links~

Amazing bangle, just love this, and a beautiful ring.

Texture ideas for metal clay (and polymer too). They're everywhere! So much info here I've not yet read it all...

Photos and photos and photos of stunning wooden jewellery.

I love how simple and effective these earring cards are.

A photo of a cat's paws can inspire some very nice jewellery indeed... how playing with colour can work.

Simple guide to ageing copper - both ways smell though... and more on copper, how to create head pins. And some info on soldering with copper solder paste here too.

Quirky recreated vintage jewellery.

And some ~other links~

I love these trompe l'oeil pillow covers.

Great hints on product photography here and a simple idea for backgrounds here too.

Ever fancied learning more about printing, and being inspired as well? Check this out.

Enough audio books to keep anyone happy - 550 free to download and stream

I love the colours of this simple painted bouquet.

Something to read and think about...

Beautiful, creamy and so relaxing just looking at these images...

Hope your March was good, and your April even better.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Jewelled Web - February 2014 - Link Love

 photo jewelledweb-feb14-550.jpg

February has been an odd month for me, one where I simply feel I haven't had a chance to get going. Which may go some way to explaining the lack of posts on my blog this month... I still like to think I'm coming out at the end of the month knowing more than when I started it... hopefully... and I hope you enjoy checking out some of the reading I've done online this wet and windy February.

First up,

~Jewellery links~

Sweet little knuckle rings, simple to make and customise.

A tutorial for a paper necklace...

and a silver-coloured necklace DIY. With some gold too.

I love discovering these jewellery maker interviews on Etsy... this one is via Australia. (Also, check out where Maria is storing her hammers - I love this!)

The competition attached to this post may have ended, but I'm still fascinated by the photos of polymer clay beads that has something of the quality of sea glass...

Or how about some craft or polymer clay for personalised pendants, made with love.

But I do still love silver... and this bunny especially.

Ideas for how to display and organise jewellery, and a whole pinterest board of inspiration on the same topic here. And some more to ponder here too - including a nice idea for a business card holder.

And now for some

~Other links too~

Wonderful photo, no photoshopping required...

I would like to make these tea light holders, this (sneaky) letter holder, these gift bags.

This interview, and photos, are beautiful enough to make me give up silver and turn to wood...

I also love this clay creation..., made with "clay, kiln, patience, feelings, emotions, turning wheel, clay tools, knife, mould"

Neat and simple printable goal-setting sheet.

It's easy to feel life is passing you by but this set of interviews shows you can create at any age.

Love this print - makes me dream of summer and hazy sunshine... more beautiful art here.

A beautiful studio to dream of designing in...

Full-time artist interview via Folksy's blog? Yes please.

Time management hints and some of those wonderful pictures made up of words (and design too...;) 

Hope your February has been a good, if short, month, and that spring is on the horizon for you - I took the photo above just yesterday, dodging bumble bees as they hunted down any and all available flowers... the air feels mild and soft - and I'm going to stop now as the forecast says snow...!

Friday, 31 January 2014

Jewelled Web - January 2014 - Link Love

Jewelled web January 2014

The first Jewelled Web of 2014 and I've found the internet to be no less distracting and absorbing than I did in 2013... to that end, here's some more goodies I've found these last few, and new year, weeks...

~Jewellery links~

Measuring up for rings, never an easy task, but made simpler after reading this...

Fantastic tutorial/personal experience on how to combine soldering and enamel by Tracey from Cinnamon Jewellery, one of my favourite haunts for down-to-earth blogging and beautiful jewels.

Jewellery tutorials coming out of your ears... this site also has tutorials for pretty much every other craft in existence. Well worth a browse though.

Branding your jewellery ranges - how to and why.

More magazine fame for Rachel Lucie - well done!

Neat tutorial on just how to make ball chain look a little more hand-crafted.

Pretty wire designs.

Interested in making wedding jewellery?

Limited time only - reduced price on wirework tutorial by KS Jewellery

~Other links~

This may be a couple of years old now, but I love this post about the sea, such a wonderful place to be at the start of a new year...

How-to calligraphy by Mo.

Where people craft - photos of real work spaces, reassuringly normal, so you don't wonder how anything creative can happen at all... unlike these photos which is, of course, exactly how crafting work spaces should look.

If you're ever not busy (!) then you can take a look at these ways to pretty up your work space.

Inspiring website of art which often features a monthly desktop calendar, free to download...

Pretty freebies - in exchange for a tweet or FB mention, you can have a calendar and some beautiful illustrated flowers.

Getting serious about your crafting business this new year? Check out some of these articles, a great resource.

Blogging tips for arty/crafty bloggers. And some more from the same site... And just one more...

Great photos and interview from the Folksy blog.

Oh, okay. Yet more blogging resources. If you ever read all these articles then you deserve a nice cup of tea. And probably a lie down in a darkened room.

Try this one out too - words of wisdom on how to write engaging, crafty blog posts.

Hope your January was a good one - the photo at the top was taken when the waves were well past their worst! Here's a to a less blustery (and drier) February.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Silver, citrine, topaz and toil... the finished jewellery

Recently I showed some photos of the cut gemstone beads I'd bought for a project. Here are some images of the finished jewellery items themselves.

citrine and white topaz silver necklace

citrine and white topaz silver necklace

The plan was a to make a necklace for a very special birthday, falling in November, so being able to incorporate birth stones was important. I also wanted to make something wearable so, while it may look delicate, the soldering and strengthening of the silver through hammering means it's pretty strong.

citrine and white topaz silver necklace

citrine and white topaz silver necklace

The earrings were less planned and came about as I didn't have enough citrines to use for both items, but this also allowed me to play with the varying sizes of the white topaz gems. I was also able to use one of the little soldered silver designs from the necklace, and echo it in the earrings.

white topaz silver earrings

It was a time-consuming and absorbing project, and took a lot of preparation, but the final piecing together of the necklace especially was surprisingly quick. Hope you enjoy seeing the results of the toil!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Citrine and White Topaz - November Birth Stones

Late last year I was busy with a birthday project, and that project allowed me to indulge in buying some beautiful gem stones...

citrine gemstones - November birth stone 

When I took them out of the box (wisely unmarked to go through the postal system), I was, as always, struck by how beautiful well cut gemstones are. It was a sunny day and holding the gems up to the window made the light splinter and dance in exquisite was genuinely wonderful.

The white topaz came in a mix of sizes, graduated from about 3mm to 7mm. They're drilled through the middle and very slightly doughnut-shaped, although that could be more of an optical illusion due to the many facets.

white topaz gemstones - November birth stone

I chose white topaz rather than the more traditional and widespread blue as I was combining the gems for a November birthday, and felt that with the rich yellow of citrine, another November birthstone, they work better for the recipient than blue and yellow.

citrine gemstones - November birth stone

I only purchased four citrine gems, button shaped and nicely factetted. They're a beautiful rich autumn colour and I think much more than four would have been too many, although another two would have allowed the matching earrings I made to go with the necklace to match that little bit more...

Photos of the finished items will follow soon. Do let me know if any beautiful stones you've used in projects, especially if you have photos to share!